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Energie et bâtiment : toutes les solutions d’un monde en transition s’exposent ici !

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BePOSITIVE 2021, The French energy transition exhibition
Sylvain Mangili, Regional Representative - Agence Qualité Construction
Emmanuel François – CEO – Smart Building Alliance
Marie-Soryia AO – Executive Officer – Cluster Eco-Bâtiment
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  • Market
    Economy restart in France: it all depends on the “how”!
    29 Sep. 2020
    For Nicolas Garnier, executive officer of Amorce, an association…
  • Innovations
    Vizcab: taking carbon out of buildings, a great opportunity…
    17 Sep. 2020
    Guillaume Lafont and Thomas Jusselme are big fans of sustainable…
  • Press review
    “In the post-crisis, BePOSITIVE 2021 will be a defining…
    21 Jul. 2020
    BePOSITIVE, the only French exhibition dedicated entirely to energy…
  • Show
    Message of vigilance for the attention of our exhibitors
    05 May. 2020
    Florence Mompo Manager, Green Tech+ division We feel it…
  • maison en autoconsommation
    Service is central to own-use energy production
    14 Apr. 2020
    Ranked 5th in France and first in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in respect of…
  • main chanvre biofide
    When construction signs in to the circular economy
    14 Apr. 2020
    Circular economy is becoming an important feature in solutions for…
  •  Campus des métiers et des qualifications "Urbanisme et construction : vers une ville intelligente"
    Creating training gateways for the construction of smart…
    31 Jan. 2020
    The “Urban planning and construction: the path to the smart town”…
  • main gant fil
    The socially effective smart building
    20 Dec. 2019
    Developing simple, easy-to-use connected solutions to alleviate…
  • chaudière biomasse
    Energy transition
    Wood-fired boilers want to join in the energy transition!
    25 Nov. 2019
    18,000 wood-fired boilers are expected to be sold in 2019, 50% up…
  • circuit imprimé
    Green Systèmes: a gem to follow!
    25 Nov. 2019
    The energy efficiency market is in full swing. With the technological…
  • Innovations
    Blue solutions, moving towards more electric mobility!
    29 Oct. 2019
    Formed in 2013 and quoted on the stock market that same year, Blue…
  • siège social Notre Logis
    “We have to design robust buildings”
    21 Oct. 2019
    Christian Charignon, Director of the Tekhnê architectural firm…
  • Press review
    Things you might have missed in September
    27 Sep. 2019
    In France... Renewably sourced energy: will France meet its 2020…
  • Résidence Préssencé à Villeurbanne
    In affordable housing, digital technology is a key lever of…
    27 Sep. 2019
    After several years’ involvement in the energy renovation of their…
  • Building
    Construction waste: high time we found a solution
    12 Sep. 2019
    With France’s implementation of the circular economy act looming,…
  • Video of the summer
    02 Sep. 2019
    How are building stakeholders taking to BIM? Answer from Yves Menez,…
  • What nobody should have missed this summer!
    02 Sep. 2019
    In France: French photovoltaic SMBs publicly recognized at G7 -…
  • Heating Fund: wood energy to the fore!
    02 Sep. 2019
    The Heating Fund, a round-the-table topic at the last edition of…
  • ARMOR aiming to be the world leader in flexible organic…
    02 Sep. 2019
    This company from Nantes, whose know-how in the formulation of inks…
  • HABITER 2030
    Solar Decathlon 2019: step forward France’s only team!
    09 Jul. 2019
    In Hungary, near Budapest, Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 is taking…
  • AuRA Region - Hydrogene - Zero Emission Valley
    09 Jul. 2019
    The Auvergne Rhône Alpes region has set itself the ambition of being…
  • Things not to miss in May !
    Things not to miss in May !
    27 May. 2019
    Our team offers you every month a selection of articles to not miss…
  • Video of the month : Green energy thanks to the animals | BePOSITIVE 2019
    Video of the month : Green energy thanks to the animals
    23 May. 2019
    The biomass sector, whose committed stakeholders featured strongly…
  • Predictive maintenance as related by Chaffoteaux and Logista Hometech ! | Crédit photo Logista Hometech
    Predictive maintenance as related by Chaffoteaux and…
    20 May. 2019
    Last February at the BePositive exhibition, the predictive…
  • « E+C– is a lot of engineering and a lot of sense »
 | BePOSITIVE 2019
    « E+C– is a lot of engineering and a lot of sense »
    15 May. 2019
    [INTERVIEW WITH : Guillaume Carlier, Group's CSR Manager - Bouygues…
  • RECOM, Europe’s leading manufacturer in solar energy
    RECOM extends its solar business in France and sets up HQ…
    10 May. 2019
    RECOM, Europe’s leading manufacturer in solar energy, boosts its…
  • Winning the energy transition battle - BePOSITIVE
    Winning the energy transition battle
    02 Apr. 2019
    Joining with the sectors and acting for the energy transition is the…
  • Make way for innovation - BePOSITIVE
    Make way for innovation !
    02 Apr. 2019
    The path to the energy and digital transition cuts directly across…
  • The smart building is for now !
    14 Dec. 2018
    [INTERVIEW WITH : Bernard Vicens, Light, Home & Building Segment…
  • Discover the 28 nominees of the BePOSITIVE Awards 2019 !
    12 Dec. 2018
    The four juries composed of journalists, institutional…
    06 Dec. 2018
    [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH : David le Noc, energy efficiency manager…
  • ECORENO’V, the renovation booster!
    12 Nov. 2018
    [INTERVIEW WITH : Béatrice Vessiller, Deputy Chairman of Lyon…
  • Rénovation des bâtiments
    Renovation clicks into action mode
    05 Nov. 2018
    [INTERVIEW WITH : Philippe Pelletier, Chairman of the Sustainable…
  • Best Fires, number one distributor of fireplaces and gas stoves in France
    Best Fires, number one distributor of fireplaces and gas…
    29 Oct. 2018
    [Release - Best Fires] For a dozen years Best Fires imports and…
  • Stand up with ENR & DD magazine for the climate emergency
    Stand up with ENR & DD magazine for the climate…
    29 Oct. 2018
    Our partner ENR & DD magazine launches crowdfunding to finance…
  • Les Green Solutions Awards - BePOSITIVE
    The Green Solutions Awards 2018
    08 Oct. 2018
  • BePOSITIVE sponsor of the National Sustainable Building…
    05 Oct. 2018
    As a unifying event for energy and building stakeholders, we are…
  • Low carbon building
    The low carbon building : «A slow win is as good as a loss»
    03 Oct. 2018
    [INTERVIEW WITH: Hélène Genin, Executive Officer of the BBCA…
  • Tribune ADEA
    [ADEA - Abdoulaye Kanté on the rostrum] "Renewable…
    20 Sep. 2018
    [Abdoulaye Kanté on the rostrum - Agency for the Development of…
  • Lighting Days, the French rendez-vous of Lighting and LED…
    25 Jun. 2018
    Lighting Days in a new context : New dates and a new venue for The…
  • Power Gas demonstration
    Inauguration of the first Power-to-Gas demonstration unit…
    22 Jun. 2018
    On Monday 11th June, 2018 in Cappelle-la-Grande (Nord department),…
  • Key facts and figures ! #4
    18 Jun. 2018
    Discover key facts and figures! Wood-fired home heating…
  • The National Congress on Sustainable Buildings: it pulsates!
    18 Jun. 2018
    Make a date! The 7th National Congress on Sustainable Buildings will…
  • When a radiator becomes a server!
    18 Jun. 2018
    What if we used the heat released by IT servers to heat homes? That’s…
  • Revolution in home automation: the smart wall
    18 Jun. 2018
    New prospects for the smart home are opened up by “Wall++”, a tech…
  • Buildings: from wreckage to resource
    18 Jun. 2018
    Achieving 70% recycling of building debris by 2020 demands better…
  • Stoves in Style!
    17 Apr. 2018
    The Austrian company HAAS+SOHN, a wood stove specialist and recent…
  • E+C– in figures
    16 Apr. 2018
    A year has gone by since the launch of this new label, which…
  • Solar panels innovation
    16 Apr. 2018
    Solar energy production could take a giant leap forward in the next…
  • Key facts and figures
    13 Apr. 2018
    Discover some key facts and figures : Renovation ​ 380,000…
  • When big data goes hand in glove with energy efficiency!
    12 Apr. 2018
    16 billion euros: that’s the size of today’s energy efficiency market…
  • Real world “E+C–”
    11 Apr. 2018
    An appraisal conducted by Qualitel provides concrete feedback from…

BePOSITIVE really is the place where all the talk is about the energy transition and all these new technologies.

David Richard - CEO – Activskeen