16-02-2023 Renewable energy production

Solar module Tiger Neo by Jinko Solar

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The Tiger Neo N-type 54HL4R-B solar module offers a seamless blend of aesthetics and technology. Its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to any residential rooftop, while advanced TOPCon HOT 2.0 rectangular cells and Slim Multi-busbar (SMBB) technology provide reliable and efficient performance.

The Tiger Neo R Series is designed to provide high power density, top efficiency and a high energy yield for residential customers, without neglecting the importance of aesthetics.  

In this context, Tiger Neo R is the only product in the market combining N-type TOPCon HOT 2.0 rectangular cells and Slim Multi-busbar SMBB. This grants a better carrier conductivity, an improved light trapping effect and low light performance, as well as optimized temperature coefficients and minimal metallization shading. With a 440W maximum power output, 22.02% efficiency and a 25-year product warranty, our Tiger Neo is the ideal energy solution for every residential rooftop. 

JinkoSolar is well-known for having a transparent and sustainable manufacturing. We are the first PV module supplier joining the RE100 and EP100 green initiatives, committing to power 100% of our operations with renewable energy by 2025. Moreover, our vertically integrated production maintains a safe and healthy working environment, contributes to local economies and improves traceability. In 2022, CERTISOLIS awarded our Tiger Neo modules range with a very competitively low carbon footprint. 

We are a committed manufacturer and support several corporate social responsibility projects around the world, focused on health, education and energy security. Our goal is to create a better future for our communities, and our principles are guided by the United Nations SDGs and the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact.