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Green Solutions Awards 2022-2023: time to apply!

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Green Solutions Awards 2022-2023: time to apply!

One year after the international ceremony in Glasgow during COP26, the Green Solutions Awards are back! This competition for sustainable buildings, districts and infrastructures organised by Construction21 and its partners aims to bring out exemplary achievements from around the world, to share them to as many people as possible and to inspire the profession to accelerate the reduction of its carbon emissions.

Among the winners of the 2020-2021 edition, we have the Spanish sports center Turo de la Peira rewarded for its integration into the environment, its automated natural ventilation system and its bioclimatic facade, or Nanterre Cœur Université noted for the adaptation of the territory to its uses, taking into account biodiversity and with a strong ambition on the energy aspect.

So you also have sustainable projects and you want to make them known? Apply! Registration for the 9th edition is now open. You have until February 28, 2023 to participate. As a result, there will be visibility at different scales for all the projects in the running, the actors involved, and opportunities for showcasing (conference talks, webinars, radio broadcasts, etc.). Remember that the past edition of the contest generated more than 2.5 million views internationally. Green Solutions Awards 2022-2023: time to apply!


The Green Solutions Awards include some novelties for this edition which has just started. Here are the details. 

Timeline 2022-2023

From a kick-off at Batimat, Paris…

The opening of applications has been launched at the Mondial du bâtiment, the international construction and building trade fair. A press conference bringing together journalists, partners, professionals and members of Construction21 was organised. The opportunity to highlight interesting achievements and to have the testimony of personalities involved in the decarbonisation of the sector.

Martine Jauroyon, Sustainable Developement, Innovation & Technical Excellence Director at Egis, provided her vision of sustainable construction. Marc Campesi, CEO of Diagonale Concept and multiple winner of the Green Solutions Awards, detailed his systemic approach, applied in each of his projects, including Vela Verde. Finally, Michel Heukmès, representative of Belgium, gave some examples of sustainable buildings.

… to an award ceremony at COP28, Dubai

Applications, open until February 28, 2023 will be examined by juries of recognised experts. An online voting campaign will also be deployed to determine the User’s Choice Award winners. The national winners from each country will be revealed online.

The finalists will go through an evaluation stage, led by a panel of experts from around the world who will have the difficult task of choosing the big winners of the Green Solutions Awards.

These will be announced at an international ceremony organised during COP28 to be held in Dubai in November 2023. On this occasion, a larger event will be organised by Construction21 to highlight examples of sustainable construction. To be continued…

Illustration of a timeline

The disappearance of categories and the birth of new prizes

No more headaches figuring out which category your project fits in (“Is my project more Low Carbon or Health & Comfort?”), we have simplified the task for you. To apply, all you have to do is enter the type of project (Building, District or Infrastructure) and the characteristics, then justify all the strengths. The projects will then be eligible for all the prizes related to their category: hot climates, health, circular economy, renovation, new construction... It will then be up to the jurors to deliberate:

These prizes have been defined to better respond to the evolution of the challenges of the sector.

The communication plan

The Green Solutions Awards are an effective way to share your know-how through case studies. In 2020-2021, 192 projects from 25 countries benefited from the visibility that the competition brings them. This year again, a large communication campaign, relayed by the partners, is set up at each stage of the competition. The system includes articles, emailings, social media posts, banners, press releases, etc.

Other highlights are also created to amplify this visibility. For the 2022-2023 edition, we can mention the presentation of the first candidates. To be part of it, participate before November 3rd!

Not to mention that, by participating, professionals enter the experts pool of Construction21 and are likely to be regularly asked to speak at conferences, radio or TV broadcasts... Take advantage of it!

How to apply

All you have to do is publish a case study, i.e. a detailed file online – on the Construction21 platform of the country in which your project is located or on the international platform if there is no existing platform by ticking the box to participate in the “Green Solutions Awards 2022-2023” contest.

You will be accompanied by the Construction21 team to best present your application.

Participation is free

For more information, see:

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I apply before February 28 2023

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