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BEPOSITIVE 2025: The national exhibition for the energy transition supports the markets in their evolution

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Energy Transition


An exclusive commitment to the challenges and solutions of the energy transition for over 20 years! 

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The dates are set! From 25 to 27 March 2025 in Lyon, the Eurexpo exhibition centre will host the next edition of the BEPOSITIVE show. 

Renewable energy, construction and buildings, climate control and electrical engineering, wood energy – BEPOSITIVE, the long-established meeting place for the energy and building markets, brings together a whole ecosystem of players and solutions to chart the course towards an energy-efficient, low-carbon world. The goal is to work collectively to activate all the potential and opportunities of the energy transition.

Salon Bepositive
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A transition is essential, and we must pool our strenghts at key events such as bepositive

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The energy transition has begun. The climate challenges we face make large-scale, fast and efficient deployment essential. As the world faces up to the climate challenge and the energy crisis, the energy and construction sectors are in the vanguard, contributing to national and European commitments, highlighting new industrial players and inventing the energy and lowcarbon solutions of tomorrow. They must also adapt to uncertain conditions. New energy sources, new technologies, new materials, new building methods, new regulations – the energy transition brings with it a dynamic of global transformation. More than ever before, energy sobriety, renewables and innovation are core issues in planning a trajectory for optimised, responsible energy management.

In this context, BEPOSITIVE fosters dialogue and a common approach across the markets by bringing together all the players in the building and energy sectors, who deploy, industrialise and install new solutions for the energy transition. The exhibition provides concrete answers across the exhibition’s four main themes. All the stakeholders in the energy transition are expected over the exhibition’s three days, trading thoughts and discovering the latest innovations the market has to offer.



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Bepositive breaks down barriers for greater synergy between players


Focused exclusively on the BtoB market, the show gathers together all the players in the energy transition, whether they supply solutions (manufacturers, producers, equipment suppliers etc.) or deploy them (decision-makers, tradespeople and installers, traders and local authorities). 
A real meeting place for fruitful exchanges, BEPOSITIVE is an accelerator for business development. It fosters new relations between the sector’s professionals and people involved in the energy transition at both national and international level. And in a fast-moving context rich in opportunities, breaking down barriers between sectors, making projects universally applicable and forging links between all stakeholders are priorities in the quest for innovation to overcome the major challenges of the energy transition.



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"The energy transition is an imperative but also a challenge, and energy and construction professionals and regional stakeholders are in the front line. The challenge is also an opportunity!
Bringing together complementary technologies and sectors, BEPOSITIVE is the focal point for responding positively to these priorities. More than ever before, it is time to deploy concrete, innovative solutions. And that is our promise. To make it possible, we need a place for people to come together, combining business with pleasure, where we can offer rich, varied content that looks to the future while learning lessons from experience, and where we break down the barriers between sectors and share expertise. A key trade show for energy transition issues such as BEPOSITIVE gives us the chance to transform a shared challenge into multiple opportunities together and to accelerate change."

Raphaël GOERENS,
BEPOSITIVE Exhibition Director




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Bepositive 2023 key figures

  • 500 exhibitors and brands
  • 26,775 professionals
  • over 110 presentations and workshops
  • over 220 speakers
  • 11 training institutions present on the campus
Eurexpo Bepo
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All the solutions for the production and exploitation of renewable energy


  • Solar photovoltaics
  • Solar heating
  • Geothermal energy
  • Hydrogen
  • Biogas


33% target for renewable energy by 2030 in France (22% in 2023)

Source: French energy transition ministry, SDES calculations


65% of new electricity capacity connected worldwide in 2023 came from solar photovoltaics

Source: SER

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All the SOLUTIONS for comfort & energy sobriety in buildings


Electrical engineering 

  • Boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • Cooling systems
  • Water treatment
  • Ventilation


Electrical engineering and networks

  • Charging terminals
  • Smart sensors
  • Home automation
  • Electrical equipment
  • BMS
  • Smart grids
  • Storage


Heat pump production in France

Target x3 by 2027

Source: French ecological planning council, 27 September 2023


French climate control market: €22 billion

Source: Xerfi study (January 2024)

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All the solutions for the energy performance of the building envelope


  • Materials
  • Building envelope and insulation
  • Joinery and hardware
  • Bio-sourced materials
  • BIM


33% of people in France are planning insulation work in the next five years

Source: Ipsos study for RTE (May 2023)


5,2 million homes (17% of the housing stock used as principal residences) are "energy sieves"

Source: French national energy renovation observatory (ONRE), August 2023

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All the solutions for renewable heat


  • Fireplaces and stoves
  • Wood and pellet stoves
  • Wood and pellet boilers
  • Chimneys and roof stacks
  • Flue cleaning and maintenance


Up to 70 appliances (stoves and fireplaces) in operation during the show


Technical partner: Cheminées Poujoulat

Wood energy represented 32,9% of primary energy consumption in France in 2023 

Source: French energy transition ministry (datalab 2023)


+12% between 2020 et 2023: growth in wood-powered boilers for industry and collective housing

Source: Xerfi study (February 2024)

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A host of events and highlights on the programme


The 2025 edition will host numerous events and highlights over the event's three days: 

  • The BEPOSITIVE Awards spotlight the latest innovations, showcasing new products, features and technological developments in the energy and building sector.

  • An Agora with expert panel discussions on fundamental themes to shed light on the future of the various sectors and to inspire players to think ahead for their future projects.

  • Three workshop spaces, each dedicated to a particular theme, with demonstrations organised by the show's partners. Participants will be able to discuss their experience on the basis of concrete cases.

  • An exhibitor forum for exhibiting companies to present their innovations and the projects they have completed.

  • A jobs and training area hosting training organisations and presenting vacancies.

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Bepositive 2025, concrete actions in support of ESG


The GL events group is committed to an ESG approach (Environment, Social and Governance), which will be deployed at the next edition of the BEPOSITIVE show. The need for this approach, deeply rooted in the group's activities, had become obvious. The BEPOSITIVE show seeks to limit its environmental impact in practical ways and is putting dedicated action plans in place. It aims to reduce its carbon footprint, limit the use of disposable materials to maximise the circular economy, and to develop diversity and the local benefit from our events.

Several concrete initiatives are already in place for BEPOSITIVE 2025:

  • Digital badges (no more badge printing), 

  • Integration of recyclable or reusable materials (wood, cardboard, etc.) into the design of stands and communal areas, 

  • Partnership with Valdelia, a green organisation approved by the French ministry for ecology, sustainable development and energy, for furnishing waste,

  • Recovery of unsold goods by the association “Le Chaînon Manquant” to combat food waste, 

  • Recovery of edible oils by Bioval’huiles,

  • Elimination of plastic and use of renewable materials and eco-friendly compostable containers, dishes and packaging by on-site caterers,

  • Providing charging terminals for electric vehicles in the Eurexpo car parks



About the organiser


With 200 public and professional events organised worldwide, GL events Exhibitions has developed unrivalled expertise in organising exhibitions, a business which must keep pace with ever improving marketing, communication and organisational techniques, while staying in close touch with the players in its markets.

The BEPOSITIVE exhibition is organized by the GreenTech+ division of GL events, which also manages seven other major gatherings: Open Energies, Hyvolution, Expobiogaz, Eurobois, Paysalia, Rocalia, Piscine Global. GreenTech+ is a division of the GL events group, providing a unique shop window born from the synergies between exhibitions that touch on common themes of ecological innovation and sustainable development.

GL events created GreenTech+ to play a full part in the world’s major environmental issues, based on the only format of its kind, building bridges between the sectors of the future and maximising their visibility. GreenTech+ is an accelerator committed to supporting the sector’s stakeholders in their developments and in their search for the solutions of tomorrow, while instilling an ever-greater eco-awareness among our citizens.