08-11-2022 Exhibition

BePOSITIVE, the national exhibition on the energy transition, is back with a bang in 2023!

Dégradé générique

The only French gathering dedicated exclusively to energy transition issues and solutions is back, scheduled for 21st-23rd March, 2023 at Eurexpo Lyon, France.

Faced with today's huge climate change issues, it's a time of revolution in the energy and building sectors. Boosted by EU undertakings and environmental regulations, these sectors must also adapt to the uncertain contexts.
More than ever before, energy frugality, renewables, digital solutions, and innovation are core issues in planning a trajectory for optimized, conscientious energy management. 

BePOSITIVE fosters expansiveness and dialogue by bringing together those who deploy, industrialize, and install new solutions related to the energy transition. The exhibition provides concrete answers across the exhibition's four main spheres. This edition will notably be tackling three major topics currently on the sectors' minds: jobs and training, digitalization in energy, and sustainable construction.
After a 2021 edition hampered by the strait jacket of sanitary restrictions, this next edition brings back the no-holds-barred version of this invaluable gathering. Over the exhibition's 3 days, all the serious energy transition stakeholders are expected, trading thoughts and discovering the latest innovations the market has to offer !


« The current context, and indeed the one we have become used to in recent years, confirms that in order to advance together in the right direction, we need to unite all sectors affected by the energy transition. Today, there can be no further doubt: BePOSITIVE is the go-to professional gathering in this field, and following the frustrations of the 2021 edition, we will be back even stronger this time around. To motivate professionals to come and take advantage of the event, to discover the latest innovations, to do business, to stay in touch with the whole sector, I have just one thing to say: come and join the builders of tomorrow’s carbon-free world! »
Florence Rousson Mompo,  GreenTech+ divisional manager

The exhibition and unifying force for French and international energy transition stakeholders alike

BePOSITIVE is a node for all types of stakeholders in the energy transition: specifiers, jobbing firms and installers, distributors, traders, and of course local and regional authorities. Those are the people to whom the exhibition’s four spheres are directed:

  • New energy systems: solar photovoltaic, storage, and sustainable transportation will all be featured at the exhibition.
  • Construction solutions for more sustainable, higher performance buildings: joinery and closures, bio-based materials, etc.
  • Energy within buildings: HVAC, thermal comfort, air and water treatment, etc.
  • Wood energy, with Flam’expo: up to 70 working appliances to the delight of visitors who were deprived of them at the last edition.

A genuine place of exchange and encounters, making the event a real business booster. It fosters new relations between the sector’s professionals and people involved in the energy transition at both national and international level, with the presence of European deciders. With BePOSITIVE Connect, the mobile app designed to facilitate encounters, synergy, and business opportunities, visitors and exhibitors can multiply their contacts as well as their visibility. The exhibition is also where the latest innovations see the light of day. The BePOSITIVE Awards recognize the innovative nature of products and services presented by exhibitors, putting the spotlight on tomorrow’s big technological advances.

Three headline topics for 2023

Consistent with the issues currently affecting the sectors, BePOSITIVE will be tackling three key themes.
Jobs and training will be at the core of this new BePOSITIVE edition. The energy transition places recruitment and the upgrading of skills at the centre of corporate strategies. To help with this changing focus, BePOSITIVE is providing a dedicated area, “Campus Emploi Formation” (jobs & training campus), with specialist training centres, companies seeking professionals, and professionals seeking jobs and training, allowing them to share their needs and opportunities.
Digitalization of energy will also be on the agenda. The energy transition is now tightly bound to digital processes, which offer solutions for optimizing energy management. The exhibition will showcase the most innovative ones, like those enabling an expansion of ownuse energy production, responsible consumption awareness, and connectivity for buildings. Last but not least, there will be lots of content and in-show activities dedicated to sustainable construction. With the French 2020 environmental regulations starting to bite, eco-materials are gaining traction, new expertise is emerging (in re-use, demolition management, and other areas), and even buildings are being designed in a different way to factor in their lifecycle. BePOSITIVE gives pride of place to these changes, with real-world feedback, innovative solutions, and the opinions of key stakeholders.


Numerous events and high points in store

The 2023 edition will be the scene for numerous events and high points over the event’s three days:

  • [NEW] The Jobs & Training campus for bringing together professionals in search of know-how and higher-order skills.
  • The BePOSITIVE Awards with the spotlight on the latest innovations, showcasing new products, features, and technological evolutions in the energy and building sectors.
  • A conference area where visitors can hear talks by experts and accounts of experiences and be enlightened by the analyses of participants in round-table talks, providing ongoing input to their projects.
  • [NEW] An exhibitors’ forum, where exhibitors can address an audience to present their company, their products and services, their innovations, or even their CSR ethos and other matters.
  • [NEW] Three interactive sessions on the themes of “sustainable construction”, “energy digitalization”, and “wood energy & HVAC” will be available to participants, who can thus exchange feedback along with concrete examples.


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