06-03-2023 Innovation

BePOSITIVE AWARDS: 57 innovations battle it out to become winners of the contest’s 2023 edition!

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BePOSITIVE, the energy transition’s national exhibition, is being held on 21st–23rd March, 2023 at Eurexpo Lyon, France. A favourite highlight of the exhibition is the BEPOSITIVE AWARDS, which reward new products and features, innovations, and technological game-changers presented by manufacturers and industrial firms from the energy and construction sectors.

The four judging panels—representing trade associations, professionals, and the media—along with the exhibition visitors can discover all these innovations on the contestants’ company stands and at the presentation pitches organized in the Exhibitors’ Forum.

By putting innovation at the very core of the exhibition, BePOSITIVE affirms its position as the benchmark gathering for energy transition professionals seeking concrete solutions for their projects.




  • 21st March : Entrants pitch their innovations in the Exhibitors’ Forum on the morning and receive the judges on their stands in the afternoon
  • 22nd March : The judges deliberate and choose, with the prize award ceremony taking place at the end of the afternoon in the Exhibitor’s Forum



Open to all exhibitors, the BePOSITIVE AWARDS acclaim the innovative character of a product or service as well as its relevance and interest to businesses in the energy transition, its minimal environmental impact, its benefits for users, its performance, its cost effectiveness, and last but not least, the company itself and its CSR initiatives.


Four innovation categories to reward the best of each

  • New energy systems: innovations related to energy renewables.
  • Wood energy with Flam’expo: innovative solutions on the wood energy market.
  • Energy in buildings: innovative solutions for buildings in use to meet the latest energy performance requirements.
  • Construction solutions: innovative solutions for constructing more sustainable buildings with better performance.


The judges name one prizewinner in each category. Each panel can also award its Special Mention (“Coup de Coeur”) prize.

By entering the contest, a candidate heightens their visibility among energy transition professionals ahead of and during the exhibition. All their innovations are featured on the event’s website as well as on the BePOSITIVE Connect Web & mobile app.

In the exhibition hall, dedicated signs guide visitors easily to the discovery of these innovations.


Pitches and stand visits to promote the innovations and argue for the projects

To promote their entries, each competing company gets the opportunity to pitch their innovation on 21st March with a three-minute talk at the Exhibitors’ Forum. These pitches, which will also be available for playback on the BePOSITIVE Connect app, will enable companies to both meet their audience and convince the judges with their ability to argue for their innovation.

On the same day and into the next morning, the judging panels will be touring the stands that host the shortlisted innovations. The judges can thus chat with the contestants and discover the new features in detail.

With this tour over, the panels will deliberate and choose the winners in each category.


Prizewinners selected by a judging panel of professionals and the media

Prizes will be attributed by a panel comprising a cross-section of energy transition stakeholders. There will be professionals from the energy and building sectors and from the media.


The judges and their professions:

“New energy systems” category

  • Hervé Druon - Director - INES Training & Evaluation platform
  • Olivier Durin - Editorial manager of NEWS TANK ENERGIE
  • Gaël Parrens - Deputy Chair at the Qualit’EnR syndicate
  • Etienne Wurtz - Science Manager, Department of Solar Technologies - INES CEA-Liten (solar energy institute)


“Wood energy – Flam’expo” category

  • Katia Beaud - CEO of Rhône Alpes Bois Bûches and France Bois Bûches
  • Nicolas Da Silva - Innovation mission superintendent – FIBOIS (forestry federation)
  • Patrice Escrieut - Chairman of the Stove and Hearth Installers Federation
  • Jean-Jacques Fournet Fayard - Former chimney maintenance contractor


“Energy in buildings” Category

  • Jean-Luc Butaud - Plumbing and heating specialist – member of CAPEB Rhône et Grand Lyon (small builders’ federation)
  • Philippe Giron - General Secretary of UMGCCP-FFB (HVAC-roofing-plumbing federation)
  • Jacky Strady - Plumbing and heating specialist – member of CAPEB Rhône et Grand Lyon (small builders’ federation)
  • Anne-Sophie Tardy - Chief Editor of PYC MEDIA - Génie Climatique Magazine (HVAC)


“Construction Solutions” Category

  • Arnaud Dutheil - General Representative of URCAUE (architecture-town planning-environment federation)
  • Pierre Malot - Manager of Pierre Malot Maçonnerie (masonry firm) - member of CAPEB Rhône and Grand Lyon (builders’ federation)
  • Corentin Maucoronel - Deputy CEO of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Eco-Bâtiment cluster
  • Emilie Wood - Editor of BATIRAMA


Close-up on the innovations entered this year

Find the candidate companies and their innovations for the BePOSITIVE AWARDS 2023 below: