Green City Day 2023

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Plaine de biodiversité – Chamfleuri – Recomposition du paysage  



Nom : Biodiversity Zone  

Lieu :  Town of Bourgoin-Jallieu  


Description :

The idea of this biodiversity plain was to create as many different biotopes as possible in one place in order to preserve insects and create a real reservoir of biodiversity in a priority area of our town.  

The zone had to encourage pollinators but also to educate people from all generations about changes to our lifestyles and a different vision of parks and gardens from what we might imagine as a “proper” garden.  






Végétalisation des cours d’école

Villefranche Sur Saône  

Titre du projet : Vegetation and soil permeability in the playgrounds at the Paul Eluard and Ferdinand Buisson schools

Lieu du projet : École Paul Eluard (infants) in Rue Paul Verlaine and École Ferdinand Buisson (primary) in Rue Justin Godard


Description :  

The town of Villefranche-sur-Saône has launched an ambitious planting plan across all its municipal spaces to combat global warming and improve living conditions for nearby residents, and particularly the children attending its schools.  

Colour has returned to school playgrounds: colourful ground cover, games marked out on the ground, colourful fences, summer houses, grass-covered play mounds, playful and contemporary furniture.






Le Jardin de jeanne  

Villeurbanne – 39 rue Gervais Bussière


Projet : Jeanne’s garden

Lieu : Allée Jeanne Moreau


Description :  

Creation of a 750 m² community garden in a polluted plot, with an application to create an inclusive garden (target cost €250,000 including taxes)

Decontamination of part of the soil, retention of a concrete slab to house (accessible) raised beds

The community garden was designed to encourage universal accessibility and biodiversity. The permeable ground cover, disabled access and local food plants will create a natural space with its own ecosystem.




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