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Who organise?

GL events Exhibitions Operations puts its business and market expertise to work for the energy transition

With 200 public and professional events organised around the world, GL events Exhibitions Operations has developed extensive expertise in organising trade fairs, a business that must satisfy increasingly sophisticated marketing, communication and organisational techniques while remaining close to the players in its markets.

The BEPOSITIVE exhibition is organised by the Greentech+ department of GL events Exhibitions Operations, which also manages seven other events: Open Energies, HyVolution, Expobiogaz, Paysalia, Rocalia, Eurobois and Piscine Global Europe.

About Greentech +

At Greentech+ we are convinced that the ecological transition is a moral and economic imperative. 

We believe that public authorities and businesses have a key role to play in this change, and that innovation is the driving force behind the transformation to a more sustainable future. 

As an intermediation expert, we are committed to catalyzing this change by bringing together the players and industries committed to the ecological transition, and by organizing, with them and for them, spaces and times for exchange and the sharing of strategies and solutions. 

By offering these meetings in a wide variety of formats, we aim to develop innovative collaborations and stimulate collective intelligence. We are convinced that cross-disciplinarity, technology hybridization and inter-industry dialogue are key factors in the success of the ecological transition. 

Our approach is centered on people, conviviality and sharing, because the challenge of this transition rests above all on the men and women committed to this dynamic of virtuous change

We therefore call on all players in the industries concerned to join us, to take part in our events, to get involved in our projects, to share their vision and their passion. 

Together, we can help build a more resilient and prosperous world for all.

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