2023 Highlights

8th edition of the National Photovoltaic Conference

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Tuesday, March 21 | 9:30am – 5pm
Mezzanine 3

This new edition is part of the next multi-year energy program to determine our energy plan for 2030. The issues of acceleration, mobilization of land, industrial, cooperation between players will be addressed during this conference.


Launch of the Metropolitan Solar Club of the Métropole de Lyon

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Tuesday, March 21 | 3:00pm – 3:45pm
Open Energies Workshops

In a proactive approach to accelerate the development of solar energy production projects, the Metropolis of Lyon and the regional union of solar energy professionals, AuRA Digital Solaire, have decided to create a Metropolitan Solar Club.


Des Ailes pour la Planète 

Discover Jean-Baptiste Loiselet's project to serve the planet.

Thursday, March 23 | 9:30 am
Exhibitors Forum 

Exhibition of his glider on the outdoor square during the 3 days 

Passionate about travel, he has been on several adventures: the North Atlantic in a schooner, the Kerguelen Islands on a scientific mission, the seas he has criss-crossed while piloting underwater robots, and the Antarctic aboard a 12m sailboat. He discovered the glider and saw it as a fantastic opportunity to fulfill his desire for "zero impact" travel - and to illustrate the answers to today's major questions. The "Wings for the Planet" project was born! 


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