The exhibitors have their say !


We had visits from local people in the region, notably council representatives in charge of energy shift matters, as well as deciders from local authorities, from district authorithies, from just about all over France. That's what was interesting for us. And then there were also company deciders so yes, for us it was a very satisfatory exhibition

ATAWEY - Geoffroy VILLE, International Business Developer

Our customers are many and varied. We work with house builders, we work with general contractors, and of course we work with joiners, who are our privileged partners for retrofit applications. naturally, here at this exhibition, we get to meet the whole of this clientele, and we are very happy with the feedback we get here at the exhibition.

BIEBER - Christophe BIEBER, Sales Manager



To start with, we have all these partners around us, which is good, we also have the existing and prospective customers, people we can talk to in industrial terms. We have an awful lot of users visiting our stand from engineering offices, here to find out about BIM.

BIM&CO - Vincent BERLIOZ, Business Development Manager

Over the exhibition's three days, we have welcomed between 600 and 800 customers, mainly our customers from French Southeast, but also from accross the nation. The clientele comprises installers, a lot of specifiers and influencers, as well as local authority customers.

DE DIETRICH - Gilles SAUVIGNET, Regional Manager



The exhibition created friendly rivalry, with exchanges on good working practices. Whether we talk in terms of the number of visitors or their relevance for me, as things stand, this exhibition is the main nationwide exhibition in our business sector.

DIXNEUF - Corentin DUPONT, Sales Manager

Our visitor attendance has been fantastic. A good many of our installers turned up as well as customers interested in our  storage systems, with a special eye ont he latest develoments in consumption at source.

ENPHASE - Joanne POCHET, Field Marketing FR/CH



On this edition, we meet the interlocutors that we had come to see, we improved our relations. We are very satisfied with the conference program, the visitors and the exhibition organization. We had quality exchanges ! This is a real sector gathering !

GRDF - Thomas DELPECH, Rhône-Saône basin Services and Fitting-out agency Manager

We are happy when we see a lot of other manufacturers coming to the exhibition, which means it's starting to get very interesting and a lot bigger.

MCZ GROUP - Roberto GUATTI, Export Sales Manager



The main idea is really to be present, to show our partners that MERSEN is present, a go-to name in the sector, to voice our message to mainstream audiences and above all to order givers, to those who specify and influence. It's vital for us. It enables us to meet customers face to face.

MERSEN - Julien VILLALON, Southeast Sales Manager

It's the second time we've taken part in this exhibition here in Lyon, and it's true that enables us to meet customers from the region those we normally speak to over the phone or whom we contact by e-mail or the Internet. For us it's different approach. Our interest in this exhibition comes from its heavy regional attendance, and it's a very extensive region. For us, it's indeed a great participation and good contacts.

SIDER - Marc PARTOUCHE, Head of Villeurbanne's agency



We are delighted. We've met lots and lots of professionals, and a lot of schools, whose interest really has been aroused by our product, because it exactly matches a demand in today's market through its simplicity of use and implementation.

SWITCH IT EASY - Hervé D'ALIGNY, General Manager

The bottom line, the thing we're always searching for, at an exhibition, is quality through quantity. When exhibitions are very broad ranging, there might be a lot of people there but not many of them are qualified. Here, both the relevance and the volume are correct, and the combination of the two is therefore excellent for us !



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