Testimonies 2021

 New Energy Systems

The Green Deal was a key stage in renewable energy development. In particular all European nations subsidised the deployment of electric vehicle charging terminals.

Country Manager - FIMER

 Energy in building

Until 2023, regulations will have an impact on the ways of building, materials, types of energies used. Bioclimatic, wood, heat pumps, and heating networks decarbonized would be preferred.

Christophe CARESCHE
President - Conseil Supérieur de la Construction et de l'Efficacité Energétique (CESCEE)

 Building solution

So that buildings communicate with their environment, we integrate perennial, sustainable, upgradeable and flexible solutions in intelligent networks - from power supplies to smart cities.

President - KNX France

 Wood Energy - Flam'Expo 

Energy from wood is essential for the energy transition, in particular from an economic point of view because it is a local resource which will develop in the years to come.

President - LAUDEVCO

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