RECOM, Europe’s leading manufacturer in solar energy
10 May 2019

RECOM extends its solar business in France and sets up HQ in Lannion

RECOM, Europe’s leading manufacturer in solar energy, boosts its commitment to a soaring French market by increasing its manufacturing capacity and investments.

RECOM is one Europe’s biggest companies to make photovoltaic modules as well as being a supplier of complete solar energy solutions. To meet the soaring demand in the French market, the company has decided to relocate its HQ to Lannion in northwest France, although RECOM already has a substantial presence in the country.

In 2017, RECOM acquired the SILLIA photovoltaic module manufacturing plant in Lannion, Brittany (currently called RECOM-SILLIA). It is now on the verge of increasing its production capacity from 50 to 300 Megawatts. The RECOM modules produced in France are fully compliant with French specifications for reduction of the carbon footprint.

RECOM also aims to develop 1GW of solar projects in France alone over the next few years. At the end of last year, RECOM-SILLIA had received tender awards for a total 150MW of projects nationwide, 45MW of which are currently under construction for completion by mid-2019.

We are delighted to contribute to the French objective of becoming Europe’s leading force in solar energy. The French government is exemplary in supporting solar energy manufacture, deployment, and research and development. A combination of ambitious objectives with strict requirements in sustainable development and technological matters are a big motivation for us to invest in the country.

Hamlet Tunyan, RECOM founder and CEO


RECOM plies its manufacturing trade and runs sales points in several countries across Europe as well as the USA, Asia, and the EMEA regions. The company has made an undertaking to put clean energy at the source of all electrical power, transportation, and smart infrastructures of the future.
RECOM manufactures in Europe and cooperates with other manufacturers worldwide in making high quality solar modules to meet their customers’ demands. All of RECOM’s PV modules come with a long-term guarantee.

As its founding motto, RECOM, the renewables company, states : « It’s our generation who can change the world. ». 

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