17 April 2018

Stoves in Style!

The Austrian company HAAS+SOHN, a wood stove specialist and recent BePOSITIVE award winner, is developing its European presence reaching outward from France
A state-of-the-art R&D department means the company can offer high technological performance products. We speak to sales manager Karim Ouakel.

Present in Lyon, France since 2016, HAAS+SOHN claims the role of a manufacturer who masters the whole design and manufacturing chain of its extensive product range: free-standing stoves, built-in stoves, hearth & fireplace kits, kitchen stoves, and more.

We have a very clear philosophy: we undertake to offer our clients good times. Which implies excellence all along the line, from the sales contact through to after-sales, without of course ignoring the enjoyment of our products.

This requirement has led HAAS+SOHN to develop products that are innovative and interesting but above all extremely simple to use. Take for instance the Be POSITIVE Award-winning I 2100 fully automated stove. Developed in partnership with Austria’s Linz University, this product, which was two years in the making, is a concentration of many advantages: automatic management to ensure clean combustion, genuine comfort of use, and optimized fuel consumption.

Besides which, this product boasts very low emissions. The threshold set by the French energy and environment agency is 28mg/m3; this product cuts that in half, emitting only 14mg/m3. That’s a big selling point for those who believe the preservation of air quality is important states Karim Ouakel.

On the digital front, HAAS+SOHN has developed a smartphone application featuring a host of functions and no-compromise ergonomics, all in the aim of making its products even simpler to use.

To help penetrate the market in France and southern Europe, which is viewed as very promising, HAAS+SOHN pays a lot of attention to product styling, knowing how intransigent customers can be on this score. Its modular stoves provide several different log storage area options and a choice of surface coatings, allowing owners to compose their own favourite look for their heating appliance. This modularity and customization is behind some fine commercial successes.

HAAS+SHON’s next innovations will be unveiled at BePOSITIVE 2019.
Wait and see!




Discover HAAS+SOHN and is wood stoves I-2100, winner of the BePOSITIVE Awards !

For further information, look up : www.haassohn.com/en


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