18 June 2018

Revolution in home automation: the smart wall

New prospects for the smart home are opened up by “Wall++”, a tech wall designed by American researchers. This discovery could be a challenger to the smart speaker market.

Imagine a wall that becomes a connected assistant, able to record and analyse occupants’ movements in order to predict their requirements, to detect and monitor people and electric appliances.
The process is simple and relatively cheap at around €20 per square metre, making it a very attractive proposition. How it works: masking tape is used to make a criss-cross diamond pattern on a wall then two coats of conductive paint are applied. The tape is pulled away to leave a grid of electrodes, which are joined by copper strips. The assembly is connected to a specially designed sensor that communicates with a computer.
The electrodes in the wall react to a user’s touch, much like a touch screen, and the electromagnetic sensor provides real-time status of events occurring in the room The smart wall is still at the prototype stage but will soon be fitted with a control panel allowing users to monitor and control all their appliances, using a surface that seldom serves any active purpose.


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