18 June 2018

The National Congress on Sustainable Buildings: it pulsates!

Make a date! The 7th National Congress on Sustainable Buildings will take place on 17th and 18th October this year in Lyon. Over 1000 professionals are expected, a complete cross section of the sector. This unique event is dedicated to collective innovation and has BePositive as its partner!

The Congrès National du Bâtiment Durable (CNBD) has become a major event in the building and regional development sector on the topic of energy and environmental transition. To promote the specific issues of each region and offer a new outlook at each congress, every year sees it held in a different town. This year it’s being organized in Lyon on 17th and 18th October by the Eco-Energies Cluster + Ville & Aménagement Durable Cluster, backed by France’s state environment agency ADEME and the Sustainable Building Plan.

Congress à la carte!

So far, the sustainable building congresses have revolved around a theme. For this edition however, we have decided to broaden the scope with a congress "à la carte". Everyone can choose their own path among the various formats being organized : full gatherings, site visits, conferences, workshps,etc. Explains Jonathan Louis of ADEME, the congress's joint organizer.

With over 50 distinct events proposed divided into 8 topics, this approach is well placed to answer every individual’s questions. Moreover, this year the organizers want to attract a wider audience: building professionals and institutional representatives, naturally, but also all stakeholders involved all along the line, like insurance companies, banks, property professionals, solicitors. 

The whole of the sustainable building value chain will be present. One of our ambitions is to network these stakeholders so we build and advance together. Adds Marie GRACIA of the Sustainable Building Plan.

Step outside the box with congress sponsor Yvan Bourgnon

To remain firmly rooted in reality, each workshop will be organized along three main lines : the land, the people, and the economy. On the human side, we will be tackling issues that concern users as much as those concerning implementations. Says Marie-Soriya Ao, executive officer with Eco-Energy Cluster.

Over 70 speakers, all high-level experts, are already mobilized. Their national vision will be crossing paths with that of the regions. Other speakers not directly involved will provide a more global view: Guillaume Pitron, reporter with TV station ARTE, Isabelle Delannoy, environmentalist and co-writer of the film Home, and Yvon Bourgnon, founding chairman of The Sea Cleaners association, which is sponsoring the event. For the organizers, the ambition is to zoom out and get people thinking transversely about the topics while promoting collective innovation.

Action first and foremost!

For the organizers, one of the objectives is to better understand the evolution of society and its impact on building. But, above and beyond, it really is action and implementation that are being targeted.

Encounters are a major axis of this congress: encounters between stakeholders, encounters between the institutions and the people in the field. It’s these encounters that stimulate action,” Concludes  Jonathan LOUIS

Themes for exploring the whole of sustainable building (inset)

  • Carbon and energy approach

  • Building health and comfort

  • Refurbishment

  • Circular economy

  • Living environment, a live ecosystem

  • Smart grid, digital and soft tech

  • And what about the people?

  • Prospects to 2050


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