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25 November 2019

Green Systèmes: a gem to follow!

The energy efficiency market is in full swing. With the technological development of IoT (Internet of things) and Big Data, along with the advent of low-cost sensors, we are seeing more and more solutions for monitoring and optimizing energy consumption. One of them is the Green Systems offering, from a fast-growing start-up that makes improvement of its platform a permanent mission. Their solution was previewed at last February’s BePositive exhibition.

Everything at a glance and at an affordable price.

On the market for six months now, Green Solution from Green Systems, a subsidiary of building and energy software specialist the Trace Group, holds many attractions for building property and operations managers. The Green Systems offering, the fruit of four intense years of R&D, mainly targets the service sector, local authorities, and small industry. The Green Box principle involves a multi-protocol gateway, installed very easily in the main switchboard, via which data is collected and sent to a unique dashboard, the “Green Solution”, for interpretation. Heating, lighting, ventilation, water, gas—all this consumption data is processed, analysed, and summarized in the form of energy performance indicators, thus providing key decision-making tools in an energy savings strategy. “We are a trusted third party to France’s national grid operator, ENEDIS. We set out to aggregate the electricity consumption data from multiple sites, all without installing equipment. We then recommend that the building’s consumptions be mapped by sensors connected to the Green Box. The data, regardless of its origin, is processed into usable form in our software, which can run in SaaS mode. This solution enables very pointed reporting of information from different sites in a single interface, thereby enabling the detection of excess consumption, water leaks, and other anomalies. The other big advantage of our solution is its upgradability. Adding new sensors or modules to the dashboard is child’s play” explains Green Systems director Benjamin Colboc.

Consuming less

The energy savings potential of such a supervision tool is tremendous, and its implementation won’t break the bank. The key issue is to offer a simple-to-use, long-lasting solution that enables building managers to keep track of their consumptions without outside intervention. Some of the first positive feedback came from a chamber of commerce and industry: “Green Solution was installed to monitor the main meters in a building campus. This HQ of more than of 8,000 square metres had an idle consumption averaging 115kVA. Monitoring, analysis, and adherence to recommendations helped bring this down to 60kVA. Savings of 14% were finally achieved in the site’s overall electricity consumption. Sub-metering will open the door to even further savings.”

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A future building block of operating-phase BIM

Mostly dealing with existing building stock at present, Green Systems is working to give its offering more teeth, with new services already in the pipeline. Its objective: to create gateways between its Green Box and BIM operating-phase models. “We want to provide the digital model with real-time data input linked to the building’s operation: electricity consumption (sub-metering), water and gas consumption, CO2 concentrations, etc.,” explains Colboc. In time, putting this digital model to work, the software will be able to calculate real-time theoretical consumption figures for the building after factoring in all dynamic influences (outdoor temperature, persons present, etc.). This Green Solution data stream will enable highlighting of discrepancies that used to be impossible to pinpoint. For Colboc, this development, which many engineering offices and building operators are quietly excited about, heralds a major advantage in a highly competitive energy efficiency market. Another Trace Group subsidiary, Bim&Co, an expert in the management, centralization, and standardization of BIM data, will be an asset toward accelerating this strategic project for the start-up. Who knows, it could even be ready in early 2021 for the next BePositive!
Definitely one to watch.

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