16 April 2018

E+C– in figures

A year has gone by since the launch of this new label, which anticipates the coming 2020 environmental regulations, and lots of trials have taken place. Here’s the run-down in figures.

The E+C– label, a government initiative launched at the end of 2016, sets out to promote the construction of buildings with high energy performance (positive energy buildings) AND a small environmental footprint (low greenhouse gas emissions throughout the whole of the building’s lifecycle). It defines ratings of 1 to 4 in Energy and 1 or 2 in Carbon, making 8 possible combinations.

The associated trials, aimed at incentivizing building stakeholders to test and get involved in the design of label programs, have been an undisputed success.

So far, almost a hundred buildings have been registered, certain of them meeting the most ambitious levels, namely Energy 4 and Carbon 2. Over 200 buildings are already engaged in the OBEC (Objectives for Building Energy & Carbon) programme launched by government agency ADEME, and housing associations have sponsored 114 operations in apartment blocks and housing estates, representing over 3550 dwellings.
Looking beyond these figures, we see a real impetus emerging. The label is becoming a test subject for many contracting authorities, who want to assess the feasibility and associated costs. Main project contractors are reappraising their designs and looking at the building as a whole throughout its entire lifecycle. And industrial manufacturers are coming to understand that the carbon impact of their products could become tomorrow’s important market criterion.

The whole issue of this new label is to get people thinking in terms of not only energy performance but also “low carbon”. A real cultural revolution, getting off to a good start.

The Icade office building (10,655 square metres of floors) in Paris, is under construction and planned for delivery in the first quarter of 2018. It features a mixed wood and concrete construction system and geothermal energy production (connection to the town mains). Its labelled rating is E2C2.

visu e2c2.jpg

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