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Job & training campus

The BePOSITIVE campus : a place to meet and exchange ideas entirely dedicated to employment and training.

The energy transition places recruitment and skills development at the heart of companies' strategies. To support these changes, BePOSITIVE offers a dedicated space, the job & training campus, with specialised training centres, companies and professionals seeking employment or training who will be able to share their needs and opportunities. 

Are you looking for a job or training in the energy and building sectors? 

Discover the organizations present on the BePOSITIVE Campus during the 3 days.


BIM Modeller  
Building Quantity Surveyor Technician
Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Professional green building worker
Energy and sustainable building project manager


Energy and environmental performance of buildings
Energy-efficient building

Efficient ventilation
Insulation and airtightness



Solar thermal on heating networks
Photovoltaic self-consumption
Solar pumping
Solar Energy

Project manager in energy renovation
Heat Pump Installer



Adapting buildings to climate change
Building with plant fibres

Sustainable Construction Team Leader
Timber constructor
Interior insulation and air sealing complex



Pro straw
Biosourced renovation of buildings
Low-carbon and biosourced renovation solutions

Solar thermal
Solar photovoltaic



Making your energy transition a success  
Master's Degree in Quality Safety Environment
Environmental compliance officer...


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