Energy in buildings

Exhibit all your solutions for energy in buildings!

  • Thermal comfort
  • Air handling
  • Water management
  • Home automation
  • Electronic device
  • Indoor lighting

It really is the place where all the talk is about the energy transition and all these new technologies. We meet architects, drawing offices, project owners… who believe in the role buildings need to play in the energy transition.

David Richard - CEO – Activskeen

Meet decision makers and project initiators looking for solutions!

Specifiers and influencers

Architects, Housing associations, Drawing offices, House builders, Building financial analysts, Public and private contracting authorities, Building managers, real estate developers.

Craft/jobbing firms and general building contractors

Heating companies, Air conditioning companies, Electricians, Installers, Plumbers, Cladders,…

Distributors, traders

Local authorities

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