2021 Highlights

Discover the themes or sectors that will be put in the limelight on BePOSITIVE 2021!


Digital and IOT continue their march into the building world, with the sights on energy economy and the development of services. From 2021, professionals estimate 100% of articles sold will be connected.

This impetus is highlighted at BePOSITIVE thanks to camp fires, conferences, forward studies, all run by the big digitally-oriented professional associations and companies at the forefront of innovation!


Biosourced materials are upping their performance thanks to new appeal in the construction sector and more industrialized production.

Timber, straw insulation, hemp, raw earth, recycled textiles, etc. BePOSITIVE puts these new materials in the limelight, accompanied by the leading specialists, live demonstrations, instructional sessions, and feedback.


© Alexandre Moulard

The energy transition is a lever for new trades and job creation, an issue that puts recruitment and employee skill enhancement at the core of company strategy.

To accompany these sweeping changes, BePOSITIVE will have a dedicated area for companies, and job seekers to share their needs and opportunities.

Employment and training will be key topics on the 2 TV stages and the conferences area.

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