The EnergieSprong & Hors-site Construction Innovation Forum

An exhibition and a series of conferences to take up together the challenge of industrialising construction and renovation for the ecological transition, organised by the EnergieSprong France & Hors-Site Construction teams !

EnergieSprong and Hors-Site Construction are organising an event on the theme of "Industrialising construction and renovation for the ecological transition". The programme will include an exhibition of innovative solutions for massively increasing "zero energy guaranteed" renovations, and a series of conferences to identify concrete ways of industrialising construction and renovation to support the ecological transition.




On 15 and 16 December, come and meet the EnergieSprong team, key partners in the process such as Hors-Site, and discover the 20 prototype renovation solutions developed by the candidates of the second EnergieSprong innovation competition!

The EnergieSprong innovation competition aims to support the development of innovative solutions to democratise high performance energy renovations.

After a first season in 2020 which allowed the development of the first off-site solutions essential to the massification of renovations (insulating facades, insulating roofs with energy production, energy production and control modules), this second season focuses on 3 types of essential solutions to be explored in order to optimise the zero-energy renovations of our buildings, whether housing or educational buildings:  


CatEgorY 1

Complete integrated off-site renovation solutions for individual houses

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CatEgorY 2

Solutions that enable occupants of multi-family housing to optimise their energy consumption habits

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CatEgorY 3

Integrated off-site insulating façade solutions to improve the energy efficiency of educational buildings and the working conditions of students

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A competition organised in partnership with                 

The award ceremony for the winners of the competition will be held on Wednesday 15 December from 5.30 to 6.30 p.m. in room Mezzanine, followed by a convivial cocktail party.

We look forward to seeing you there !


On Wednesday 15 December, from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm in room Mezzanine, you will be able to understand the benefits of off-site construction and renovation and identify the levers for moving from intention to the concrete integration of these practices into our habits.

You will benefit from the testimonies of players who are taking up the challenge by rethinking the way they award contracts, by organising new cooperation between project owners or by investing in the development of industrialised low-carbon solutions off the shelf.


EnergieSprong: a European excellence approach for large-scale deployment of zero energy guaranteed renovations 
Initiated in the Netherlands in 2012 and deployed in France for the past 6 years and in several other countries, the EnergieSprong approach aims to accelerate the development of high-quality energy renovations to combat fuel poverty and reduce the environmental impact of our buildings. 

To this end, it proposes a renovation standard that is both simple and ambitious (zero guaranteed energy) based on a logic of prefabrication and industrialisation to facilitate the change of scale. The specifications for these renovations, based on performance rather than means, are as follows:

  Zero energy
A zero energy level guaranteed for 30 years and all uses       

A balanced economic model with no need for subsidies in the long term

A renovation carried out on an occupied site and in a very short time with high quality off-site prefabrication processes

A renovation carried out on an occupied site and in a very short time with high quality off-site prefabrication processes

The initiative is supported in France by GreenFlex, financed by the CEE EnergieSprong Programme and the Mustbe0 project of Interreg North West Europe to assist all stakeholders in setting up and deploying these particularly efficient renovations. To date in France, 4 projects have been delivered and many others initiated (from the scoping phase to the works phase), for a total of 6457 dwellings and 9 educational buildings

The Offsite movement 

Developed for several years in other countries, "offsite building" is based on a simple principle: transferring working hours from the building site to factories where high value-added building components are prefabricated.

The advantages of off-site construction are numerous: halving the duration of the construction site, reducing the nuisance for the neighbourhood, significantly reducing the carbon impact of construction and improving the working conditions of the workers. In addition, off-site construction represents a real opportunity for the emergence of new industries in France, capable of creating jobs and recruiting skilled labour.

Created in 2017, the HORS SITE CONSTRUCTION Group accompanies the development of the Offsite movement in France through its 3 activities:
- The Offsite Magazine
- The consultancy firm PATCH CONSEIL
- The Campus Hors Site, the first training organisation dedicated to the industrialisation of construction and renovation

The Campus Hors Site is supported, alongside a consortium of players of which Greenflex is a member, by the PIA3 (Plan d'Investissement d'Avenir n°3) and financed within this framework by the State, the Banque des Territoires and the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region.

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